Ordinary-temperature heating asphalt, and apparatus for manufacturing the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an asphalt high in durability, and capable of being sold and used in a small amount; and to provide an apparatus for manufacturing the same.SOLUTION: The asphalt is an ordinary-temperature heating asphalt prepared by fractionizing a heated asphalt and charging it into water to solidify it, and drying it. The ordinary-temperature heating asphalt is placed on a laying ground, and heated to be melted to be thereby laid. The apparatus for manufacturing the ordinary-temperature heating asphalt is constituted of: a water tank which stores water water-chargeably and dischargeably and in which a heated and fractionized asphalt is charged and solidified; a fractionizing machine composed of a vessel which has holes on the bottom thereof and whose lower part is immersed in the water tank, and a vibration net installed inside the vessel vibrationally; a belt conveyer whose one end is positioned inside the water tank and below the holes, and whose other end is positioned outside the water tank; and an air blowing drier which dries the solidified asphalt flowing on the belt conveyer.
【課題】本発明は、耐久性が高く、少量販売、少量使用が可能であるアスファルト及びその製造装置を提供する。 【解決手段】本発明は、加熱されたアスファルトを細分化しながら水中に投入し、固化させ、乾燥してなる常温加熱アスファルトであって、敷設地に置き、加熱することで熔解させ敷設できることを特徴とする常温加熱アスファルトと、 給排水可能に水が溜められ加熱細分化されたアスファルトを投入し固化させる水槽と、底部に穴を有し前記水槽の水に下部を浸漬させた容器と前記容器内部に振動可能に設置した振動網からなる細分機と、一端が前記水槽の内部でかつ前記穴の下方に位置し他端が前記水槽外に位置するベルトコンベアーと、前記ベルトコンベア−を流れる固化アスファルト乾燥させる送風乾燥機と、からなることを特徴とする常温加熱アスファルトの製造装置の構成とした。 【選択図】 図1




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