Liquid supply device by hollow magnetostrictive vibrator



【課題】微少量の液体の噴射、吐出、分注、輸送等の制御が容易で、小型化を図るのに有効な液体供給装置を提供する。 【解決手段】中空部を有し、外部からの磁界により変形振動する中空磁歪素子12の中空内周面に管体11の外周面が密着するように当該管体11を中空磁歪素子12に保持した中空磁歪振動子を用いた。磁歪素子12の外周側にコイル13を巻き、このコイル13に電流を流すと磁歪材料の磁歪縦効果によりコイル13と並行な方向に伸長し、コイル13と直交する方向は磁歪横効果により収縮するので、中空部の内径も同時に収縮する。従って、中空部に挿入されている管体11に収縮力が作用し、その力により管体内部に充填された液体が管体の先端部11aより吐出することになる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid supply device which easily controls the jetting, discharge, divisional injection, transportation, etc., of a very small amount of liquid and is effective to plan miniaturization.SOLUTION: A hollow magnetostrictive vibrator which has a hollow part and holds a pipe body 11 on a hollow magnetostriction element 12 so that the peripheral surface of the pipe body 11 adheres to the hollow inner circumference surface of the hollow magnetostriction element 12 which deforms/vibrates by a magnetic field from the outside is used. Since a coil 13 is wound on the peripheral side of the magnetostriction element 12, it is stretched in parallel with the coil 13 by the magnetostriction longitudinal effect of a magnetostriction material when a current is passed through the coil 13, and the direction perpendicular to the coil 13 is contracted by a magnetostriction lateral effect, the inner diameter of the hollow part is contracted simultaneously. Therefore, contraction force acts on the pipe body 11 inserted into the hollow part, and liquid packed in the pipe body is discharged from the end 11a of the pipe body 11 by the force.




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