Grained leather-like sheet



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a grained leather-like sheet that has a natural and soft touch feeling close to natural leather, exhibits a small difference in mechanical properties in longitudinal and lateral directions, has an appropriate difficulty in stretching and a continuing restoring force, and is suitable for applications as a component member of a shoe instep material in which processability into a shoe is highly required.SOLUTION: There is provided a grained leather-like sheet in which a grain layer is formed through an adhesive layer on a surface of a substrate layer that comprises a ultrafine filament nonwoven fabric including an entangled structure composed of a ultrafine filament bundle; and a polymeric elastomer impregnated in the ultrafine filament nonwoven fabric. The grained leather-like sheet is characterized in that: (1) a mass ratio of the substrate layer composed of the ultrafine filament nonwoven fabric to the polymeric elastomer of the ultrafine filament/the polymeric elastomer is in a range of 58/42 to 50/50; and (2) an adhesive forming the adhesive layer intrudes from the interface between the adhesive layer and the substrate layer into the inside of the substrate layer in a depth of 20 to 50 μm and is cured therein.
【課題】自然で天然皮革ライクな充実感がありソフトな風合いを有し、かつ、機械的物性の縦横方向の差が小さく、適度な伸び難さおよび持続する回復力を有し、特に製靴性が求められる靴甲材構成部材用途に適する銀付調皮革様シートを提供すること。 【解決手段】極細長繊維束からなる絡合構造を含む極細長繊維不織布とその内部に含浸された高分子弾性体とからなる基体層の表面に接着剤層を介して銀付層が形成されてなる銀付調皮革様シートであって、(1)前記基体層を構成する極細長繊維不織布と高分子弾性体の質量比極細長繊維/高分子弾性体が58/42〜50/50の範囲にあり、(2)接着剤層を形成する接着剤が、接着層と基体層の界面から基体層内部へ20〜50μm侵入し硬化している、ことを特徴とする銀付調皮革様シートである。 【選択図】図4




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