Lighting dimming device for vehicle



【課題】グレーフィルムによって照明の明るさの補正を行うと、明るさの補正は、昼夜いずれか一方にしか適用できない。 【解決手段】前照灯点消灯判定部40の判定結果に基づいて、調光量指示部30において、複数の照明用光源10の発光波長の光に対する明所視比視感度、または暗所視比視感度に基づいて、複数の照明用光源10の明るさが等しくなる調光量を算出し、算出した調光を行う点消灯信号を生成して、生成した点消灯信号を駆動回路20に送信し、照明用光源10の調光を行う。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve a problem in which when the brightness of lighting is corrected by a gray film, the correction of brightness can be applied only to either of day or night.SOLUTION: Based on the determination results of a headlight lighting/extinguishing determination part 40, a dimming amount instruction part 30 calculates a dimming amount which equalizes the brightness of a plurality of lighting light sources 10 based on a photopic vision relative luminosity or scotopic vision relative luminosity to light of each emission wavelength of the plurality of lighting light sources 10, generates a lighting/extinguishing signal for performing the calculated dimming, and transmits the generated lighting/extinguishing signal to a drive circuit 20 to perform the dimming of the lighting light sources 10.




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