Hemostatic device



【課題】 止血作業中にも医療行為に支障を来さないようにできる止血器具を提供する。 【解決手段】 本発明の間隙確保部材を備えた止血器具1は、肢体の止血すべき部位に巻き付けるための帯体2と、前記帯体より硬質な材料で構成された湾曲板4と、帯体2を肢体に巻き付けた状態で固定する面ファスナー3(固定手段)と、帯体2に連結された、流体を注入することにより拡張するバルーン5と、バルーン5を止血すべき部位に位置合わせするためのマーカ7と、雄側面ファスナー91と雌側面ファスナー92とからなる面ファスナー9(流体注入部固定手段)とを備え、止血作業の間、雄側面ファスナー91を雌側面ファスナー92に重ねて注入部8を帯体2に固定する。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a hemostatic device allowing prevention of a hindrance to medical practice even during hemostasis work.SOLUTION: This hemostatic device 1 including a gap securement member includes: a belt body 2 for performing winding around a portion of a limb wherein bleeding has to be stopped; a curved plate 4 made of a material harder than the belt body; a hook-and-loop fastener 3 (a fixing means) fixing the belt body 2 in a state of winding the belt body 2 around the limb; a balloon 5 connected to the belt body 2, and expanded by injecting a fluid; a marker 7 for aligning the balloon 5 with the portion wherein the bleeding has to be stopped; and a hook-and-loop fastener 9 (a fluid injection part fixing means) comprising a male side hook-and-loop fastener 91 and a female side hook-and-loop fastener 92. During the hemostasis work, the male side hook-and-loop fastener 91 is lapped over the female side hook-and-loop fastener 92, and an injection part 8 is fixed to the belt body 2.




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